Not too long ago, I began to move back toward my brushes, after more than a decade solely devoted to creating and shaping three little people.  Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself, (often quite literally), in paint.

My work focuses mainly on that journey, capturing the everyday, the places, the people and the opportunities for challenge and growth. I enjoy finding the beauty in the contrasts of the mundane.  I think of myself navigating the “in between” states life offers through my work. Artist/Mother, Urban/Rural.   Themes of movement, transition and balance continually find their way into my paintings. My work is often dramatic and energetic, and mostly allaprima, taking full advantage of the tactile properties of oil paint.

Formerly a student of the Ontario College of Art, Painting and Drawing  program, I still crave opportunities to hone my craft, and have  returned to OCADU to complete my studies.  In the last year I’ve been thrilled to study under many successful artists including, Gary Smith, Stefan Galvenek, Costa Dvorezky, Kristy Gordon, Juan Martinez and most recently Bryce Liston.  My work can be found in private collections throughout  the  greater Toronto Area.


Corynn Kokolakis  (b. 1978)


OCAD University, BFA (Expected graduation 2018)

Painting and  drawing, OCAD 2002

Classical Portraitur,e ARA 2017

Portrait Curriculum, Luc Sculpture 2016

Landscape, Luc Sculpture 2016


 Selected Group Exibitions


“In the round”, Graven Feather,  Toronto,  Nov 2017

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”,  Blue Crow Gallery, Toronto, Oct 2017


Artwalk in the Square 2017, Toronto

Art in the Park 2017, Oakville

“Heaven on Earth” Artusiasm, Toronto

“Boys and their Toys” Artusiasm, Toronto

“Life in the City” Artusiasm, Toronto

“The Painting Show” Gerrard Art Space, Toronto

“Open House” Artusiasm, Toronto


“Portraiture in the Making” Red Line Cafe, Toronto