Making movies…

Posted on February 23, 2017

I’m enjoying my jaunt into pastel territory, there is an immediacy that I don’t seem to feel with oils. Unlike oil paint, upon which you could seemingly layer for ever, pastel and paper have a finite finish. You can only go so far before the paper just wont take anymore pigment. As I explore this medium I get more and more excited about how it might inform my painting. Will they feel fresher, more intentional, more painterly? Perhaps it won’t translate at all.  Either way, the next time I pick up my brushes should be interesting.

While I’m exploring, I thought it would be fun to watch a drawing take shape. I was hoping to use it as a learning tool,  for myself and others. It’s always good to look back at your process and see where it may have gone wrong, (or right for that matter.)

I took this with my iphone and a homemade stand. (The phone was quite literally wedged in a bowl with a lemon. Work with what you’ve got!) Though short, and not the best quality, it was cool to try. I look forward to attempting this with a real camera and perhaps even a painting in future.

You can find the finished piece in my portrait gallery.


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