An update regarding commissions and more.

Posted on February 9, 2018

In the spirit of transparency.

To those of you who are on my commission list. (Which means we’ve already discussed a commission.)

As the new normal of full-time studies, 3 kids, and building this little grassroots business of mine sets in, I’ve learned that I can only realistically bang out 1 commission a month. I am thankful for your patience, and I promise I’m working them in as much as possible. Please reach out if we haven’t spoken recently and I’ll let you know where you fall on the list. That being said I expect my production to ramp up significantly mid-April, (after my final exams for this term.) And I hope to be caught up by May.

Commissions going forward should expect a 6 month lead time. (Please note, this means anything you want to be finished for the holidays should be discussed this summer latest.) Thank you for your understanding while I navigate this crazy life transition.

If not my commissions, what have I been up to? Well, I’m halfway through my 2nd of the 3 terms required to finish my BFA at OCADU.  The transition back to student life has been interesting, exciting and perhaps a little overwhelming at times. I had a very successful first term despite my anxiety around writing essays again.

I’ve enjoyed brushing up on skills, relearning old mediums (pictured) and exploring creatively. I’m especially looking forward to the fall when I begin my thesis work.

But I’ve also been busy submitting to shows and making plans for summer.  As it stands you’ll find me this month at Arta Gallery (Toronto), for their Dear World exhibition. You’ll also find me at Art in the Park (Oakville), Riverdale Art Walk (Toronto) and Art Walk in the Square (Toronto).

I anticipate adding more to this list, so stay tuned. You can also follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook for more frequent updates.




In the meantime, snuggle up and stay warm my friends, spring is just around the corner.

Much Love.

Midterms and More.

Posted on November 11, 2017

With my midterms behind me, I’m rounding out the last few weeks of my first term back at school and I find myself brimming with new ideas. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to paint for myself again in the near future. With so much going on, I have been unable to tackle the many images swimming around in my head. (But not before my Christmas commisions, promise!)

So what’s next? I’ve got some pieces in a few shows scattered around the city.

“Celebrations” Artusiasm from November 16-26, two of my large jumper paintings will be on display. Join us at the opening on November 17 from 7-11pm and remind yourself of all the things worth celebrating.

I’m also providing three rounds for Graven Feather’s annual “In the round” exhibition also on from November 16-26th. The opening reception will take place on November 16th between 7-10pm. Rounds (priced at $65) will be purchased directly off the walls, so arrive early for best selection.

And along a similar vein, I have donated two works the charity event “Toronto’s first Anonymous Art Show (year three)” in support of the Art for Cancer Foundation. The three-day exhibition opens on December 1st from 6-9 pm and all works are priced at $100 and are sold off the wall. Work remains anonymous until sold. Once again, arrive early for best selection.

And I leave you with a few pictures from two events I participated in this fall. Both close to home in the  ever growing east end arts community.

Here I am live painting at Leslieville Wanderlust on Sept. 30th. The resulting piece was auctioned off with proceeds benefitting Creative Works Studio.

And pictured below is the opening reception of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” at the stunning Blue Crow Gallery. A gorgeous group show of smalls by members of the Artist’s Network.


Very little, (yet a whole lot) going on.

Posted on September 19, 2017

First, the fun stuff! I’ve launched a contest on Instagram and Facebook. It’s the first of a few that I have planned this year.  The rules are quite simple.  Visit my social media profiles and like the contest post, then make sure to “follow” me. I’ll give you one entry per platform.  If you are already following me, you can enter as well, all you need to do is repost or share the original contest post.

But since you are here. If you sign up to my email list, (the form is right here on this page), I’ll give you TWO more entries.  That’s a total of four entries to win a little bit of the tail end of summer with these little guys. Winner will be drawn at random on Oct. 1, 2017, and shipped out the following week.   Good luck! And thanks for reading!

I also wanted to thank all those who came out to see me at Shops on Don Mills.

It was a great event and I was just thrilled to meet and chat with people, and send some of my favourite pieces along to new homes.

All in all it was I had a great experience “getting my feet wet” in my first two out door shows this summer.  I couldn’t have ordered up the kind of lovely things people had to say about my work.  And my peers were phenomenal teachers, cheer leaders, and booth watchers.   I loved becoming part of such a vibrant community.

I’m already looking ahead to next year!

In the meantime… I’ve become a full time student again! I’ve returned to OCAD University to complete my BFA in Painting and Drawing, so though it seems I have not been super productive of late, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Between  sussing out the student thing, I have been busy working on commissions and submitting to various shows.

Some of my Jumpers will be on display during October for a group show “Don’t sweat the small stuff” at Blue Crow Gallery.

I’ve also got a few rounds to work on, for  Graven Feather’s  4th annual  “In the round” exhibition, in Dec.

I’ve got other things in the works, that I’ll be sure to share here when the time comes. Please keep in touch!



Jumping right in! (With both feet!)

Posted on August 11, 2017

First I’d like to start by thanking all those who stopped in to visit me in Oakville.  There was such a warm response to my work, and I enjoyed meeting so many lovely people. With plenty of interest and lots of praise, the butterflies I’d set up with that morning were soon gone.  Although I didn’t get a chance to see the whole show myself  it was well attended, and though the weather grumbled it never made good on it’s threats!

All my preparations made for an easy set up, and  I was happy to have my hubby there for help. (Even if he tried to take credit for all of it as often as he could!)  I sent some pieces off to their new homes with some pretty great people.  It was a terrific day!


So much so that I managed to figure out how to do it again! The organizers over at Artwalk Square managed to squeeze me in due to a last minute cancellation. Very fortuitous! So next weekend (Aug 18,19,20) for three whole days, I’ll have a booth at Artwalk in the Square!  You’ll find me among 70 other talented artists, at CF Shops at Don Mills.  It’s sure to be a lovely way to spend the afternoon, with plenty to see do and eat, and even an opportunity to win art! If you prefer you can keep up to date with the event on Facebook as well.

Being a little late to the party, please take special note of my booth number, 65, as I am not in the printed materials.  I’ve been working away all week to get some new work  done and with any luck at all it will be dry and on display.

I’m excited!

I’m jumping in with both feet!

Hope to see you there!

New Work and More Firsts.

Posted on August 2, 2017

I’m so thrilled to finally be updating. Because it means I’ve finished work on a new series that will be on display for the first time in just a few days.

The “Jumpers” as I now call them quite affectionately, have been swimming around in my head for some time.  Each one prepares to meet the water with such individuality. They were truly a joy to paint, and there are so many more to draw from.  It will be a first for my “Jumpers” and another first for me.

My first official outdoor art fair! I’m so looking forward to taking in the work of my talented peers as well as seeing my own up on display. It’s sure to be an inspiring day.

You can see my “Jumpers” along with other new works, this coming Monday Aug 7th at Oakville Art in The Park. I’ll be at Booth 113, on this MAP. Please drop in for a visit!

If you’d prefer the Facebook Event Page  is a great place to keep up to date on the event.  Hope to see you soon!




A day late?

Posted on May 25, 2017



And perhaps a dollar short? But May has still been go, go, go…

Still trying to juggle the community service hours of “mom” and the career building of “artist.”

It’s coming… Slowly.

I’ll start with what’s up this weekend. Sunday, I’ll have a few pieces here. Looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying the work in what looks like a fabulous venue.  This show was curated by the good peeps at The Freedom Factory  on Queen St. E.

This free event is sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Sheridan Specialties. Leave the kids at home for this one.


The Artists’ Network recently moved into their new home at 638 Queen St. E (back of Dark Horse cafe).  It is lovely, with plenty of space to hang art, and hold events. As a member one of my pieces is hanging on the inaugural wall. Stop by for a coffee and see if you can spot it.

The first of their two big fairs is next weekend. Here’s hoping the weather is lovely, as I’m sure the art will be fantastic. Check out the Riverdale Art Walk on June 3-4 if you get a chance. I would if I could.

And why can’t I? I thought you’d never ask! Because I’ll be away south of the border at a figure painting workshop with Bryce Cameron Liston. I am so looking forward to learning, and immersing myself in 3 days of straight painting. A little slice of heaven I think. Follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook Page for what I’m sure will be lots of pictures.


Which leads me to the most exciting news. I recently got word that I will be among more than 170 talented artists showcasing their work at Oakville Art in the Park. So the next weeks must be spent diligently filling my booth with all of the images rolling around in my head. It is my first real art fair, and the first opportunity I’ll have to show a larger body of work! The pressure is on. (Lukily, pressure and I are old pals.) So plan to be there, Aug 7th, Booth 113!

Maybe we’ll see each other soon?



Sowing seeds this April.

Posted on April 22, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous post,  April has been somewhat busy for me. It began with the very first group show at the new gallery Artusiasm, with what was virtually my first gallery experience. Followed quickly, by a successful evening at Pacankes and Booze Toronto, in the Opera house.  And another show at Gerrard Art Space, (this is it’s last weekend up if you want to see it.)

And last night I was back at Artusiasm with more of my work to participate in their “Life in the city” exhibit, on display now, through April 30th.

Stepping out of my little bubble has been both exciting and a wealth of knowledge. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my fellow creatives and each event has served to connect me with the loveliest people. I’ve planted the seeds and am well on my way. But May? May needs to be spent in the studio, helping those seeds grow.

Full steam a head…

Posted on March 25, 2017

See what I did there?  Yeah, maybe I’ll stick to my day job.

But in the meantime I thought I might update you on what I’ve been up to. It’s been (and will continue to be) a busy few weeks.  I had the pleasure of studying under Juan Martinez for 7 whole days this past week. The classical portrait workshop at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto afforded me the rare opportunity to paint a long pose portrait from life. Mary, our model sat for 7 days. And graciously accepted our instructions to turn ever so slightly this way and that. Along with a handful of other students I was able to explore portrait creation with depth and breadth I’d never anticipated. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

In this picture on day 6, I thought there was no way I could find more to do. By day 7 I wished I had more time. The finished piece can be found in my portrait gallery.


And as soon as I was done there. I hopped on over to the Grand Opening of the Artusiasm Art Gallery on St. Clair west, where I was joined by 69 other artists for the inaugural show. The event was packed, with live music and even a boa constrictor! “Transient” can be seen along with the other great works for the next two weeks. It was a pleasure to meet the people who pulled it all together, and I look forward to getting to know them better.

But I’m not finished yet, it seems…

I’ve got another show up my sleeve, and when I get confirmation, I’ll post about what, where, when and how long. But if you follow me on instagram, I’ll be prepping some things this week for that.

I have confirmed that on April 8th I’ll be at Pancakes and Booze at the Opera House in Toronto for a one night event. And though I’ve decided on 2 of the pieces I’ll be bringing with me, I’m unsure of the rest. Perhaps I’ll take this week to push the paint into something new.

So maybe I’ll see you somewhere soon. If we know each other please come by and say “Hi”.  If we don’t, please do the same, art shows can be dreadfully boring… 😉


Until then.







Making movies…

Posted on February 23, 2017

I’m enjoying my jaunt into pastel territory, there is an immediacy that I don’t seem to feel with oils. Unlike oil paint, upon which you could seemingly layer for ever, pastel and paper have a finite finish. You can only go so far before the paper just wont take anymore pigment. As I explore this medium I get more and more excited about how it might inform my painting. Will they feel fresher, more intentional, more painterly? Perhaps it won’t translate at all.  Either way, the next time I pick up my brushes should be interesting.

While I’m exploring, I thought it would be fun to watch a drawing take shape. I was hoping to use it as a learning tool,  for myself and others. It’s always good to look back at your process and see where it may have gone wrong, (or right for that matter.)

I took this with my iphone and a homemade stand. (The phone was quite literally wedged in a bowl with a lemon. Work with what you’ve got!) Though short, and not the best quality, it was cool to try. I look forward to attempting this with a real camera and perhaps even a painting in future.

You can find the finished piece in my portrait gallery.


2017- The Year of The Portrait

Posted on February 1, 2017

Fine arts for me has always been a journey. 2015/2016 was the year I found my way back to the path.  I enjoyed reaching well outside of my old inclinations. I explored the juicyness of my oils, reached beyond my brushes and focused on subjects that I never would have considered in the past. It has been freeing, enlightening, maybe even joyful. I have learned to see the world differently, and I can’t wait to get the imagery that dances around in my head, out!

But I’d be lying if I said that the artist in me is satisfied. I’ve always loved the portrait. The pinnacle of skill in my eyes. The human form is the most complex and diverse subject. To master the portrait seems an impossible task, but one I can’t seem to ignore. So this year I have decided to put forward intentional practice. I have a long list of studies, classes and workshops lined up that will hopefully move me closer, if only a little to mastery.

Though it has started a little slower than I’d hoped, (still trying to figure out this mom/artist tight wire act,) I think I’m off to a reasonable start! And so begin’s the year of the portrait!

Cloe, soft pastel on paper

Ronnie, soft pastel on paper

Leanna, soft pastel on paper